What if…

What if entertainment was wholesome and pure instead of being used to promote and normalize sin?

What if news was uplifting and filled with hope instead of being used to divide and discourage?

What if books, magazines and comics were lifting Scripture high instead of being used to spread the opinions and ideology of man's wisdom?

What if music pointed back to God and truth instead of being used to focus on self and one's feelings?

Now, imagine this…

A film company that abides by Philippians 4:8 standards and takes God's holiness seriously, while producing high-quality entertainment.

A news network that tells the truth, while doing so in an uplifting and hope-filled manner.

A publishing company that writes to instill the values of Scripture, while leaving personal opinion out of it.

A record label that releases music focused on filling people's minds with truth and pointing their hearts toward God.

A civic action group who fights to restore our constitutional republic, with both feet firmly planted on the Word of God.

A pro-life group that fights to abolish abortion, end human trafficking and upholds the intrinsic value of life in all stages.

Enter Immeasurably More Ministries!

Your search for biblically-based and God-honoring media and entertainment is over!

Welcome to Immeasurably More Ministries.